Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Trust of Jeannette to Her father.

Jeanette Walls was never disappointed in her dad Rex and she trusted her father and thought he always been a remodel to her. I would say he sort of let her down when he took the sock from her that Rose Mary the mother of Jeannette give her to save it after she had it for little bit. Rex started to notice that Jeannette was hiding the sock and he slapped Rose for hiding it from him that was kind of him letting her down. Although he was following Rose everywhere thinking she will do ATM or get money out of the bank and claim that he will save it for the future then spend it in using alcohols and etc. He also gives her a hope of building a Glass Castle which was illusions and not true but she still believe in him. I think he did let her down but she never realize it in a sense because she trusts he so much and no matter how her father is bad she sees him as the best father!


  1. Nice concrete evidence. I like that you used two specific examples to prove your point. 1/1

  2. You make some good specific points, but the part about the ATM is inaccurate. Use a quotation to correctly show readers what the book says, and explain why it is important. .8