Monday, May 16, 2011

Events in Wall's life!

I think Rex Wall is not a promise keeper and he is more like not to rely on because of what he said in page (25) where he promise Jeannette to build The Glass Castle. It showed me that he is truly alcoholic and look forward to his satisfaction which is buying drugs than buying food for his three kids. Jeannette was optimistic about life and learns as she lived with her family. As far this book go if I separate my feelings about the book actually described Rex Wall as a heartless father who doesn’t care about his daughter and it shows that even though the thoughts of Jeannette wouldn’t change about her father but Walls had a lot of events where he puts his daughter in risk when he wanted to barrow money therefore he left his daughter with a guy upstairs. In page (212) when the guy asks Walls if he could take Jeannette upstairs he said “sure, Dad said. “Just don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” His pool cue at me. “Holler if you need me, “he said and winked at me as if to say he knew I could take care of myself, that this was just a part of my job. Jeannette trusted her dad to the fullest she even went with him to the bar and this random guy wanted to have a sexual intercourse with her whom he never did, but her father was careless to protect his children. Her father made life more challenge for her which never pulls her down but really improves her in away.

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  1. Good points. It's interesting that she could have lived such a hard life, and still she doesn't HATE her parents. She loves them, but thinks they are flawed. She also doesn't seem to feel sorry for herself, even though we feel sorry for her. 1/1