Monday, May 23, 2011

Tighten Wordy Sentences

Tighten wordy sentence are not needed because they are not nice and unite pretty much is not good to make words clear. Like for example my teacher required that I need to write my paper in 4-5 limits of pages because she needs an evidence, explanation opinion conclusion and details. The paper length depends on the subject you writing about for example if you writing about senicse its okay if you use wordy form. For writing it’s good not to over redundancies because it over recite your general writing because it makes the reader confused and give a hard time understanding like for example needless complex structures it gives away some away information that isn’t need. For the people like me who speaks three language it’s hard for them to to write something clears possible because we over write things to make it clear. For instance you might see something like this in my paper “I do whatever takes to make my mom happy but my mom never gets happy.” It short form “ I do whatever takes to make mom happy but she never happy.” I think that sound little sentence because it not good to use long sentence when you can make it short and clear. Instead of using because of that fact you could replace it with “Because” and that we be short and mush easer. Inflated phrases is not necessary in some points because they are not needed in writing.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The significance of a glass castle for Jeannette!

The significant of a glass castle for Jeannette is that her imagination on the Glass Castle goes crashed and she heading New York but then her father comes up with this idea of blueprint to convince Jeannette to stay. Unfortunately Jeannette finally realizes that her father is selfish and looking for himself, and wants his children to remain with him. Jeannette says in page 238 that she will leave and her dad as she stared at the plans “ Dad”, I said, “you’ll never build the Glass Castle.” She said no matter if you build it or not I will be gone and it doesn’t matter. There is something that I realized her father mentioned this line which he mentioned in page 14 where he let her escape the hospital which was trust or have faith in your old man. At this moment she knew that her father was no good or not looking forward. She wanted that to be out of poverty and go finish school.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Events in Wall's life!

I think Rex Wall is not a promise keeper and he is more like not to rely on because of what he said in page (25) where he promise Jeannette to build The Glass Castle. It showed me that he is truly alcoholic and look forward to his satisfaction which is buying drugs than buying food for his three kids. Jeannette was optimistic about life and learns as she lived with her family. As far this book go if I separate my feelings about the book actually described Rex Wall as a heartless father who doesn’t care about his daughter and it shows that even though the thoughts of Jeannette wouldn’t change about her father but Walls had a lot of events where he puts his daughter in risk when he wanted to barrow money therefore he left his daughter with a guy upstairs. In page (212) when the guy asks Walls if he could take Jeannette upstairs he said “sure, Dad said. “Just don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” His pool cue at me. “Holler if you need me, “he said and winked at me as if to say he knew I could take care of myself, that this was just a part of my job. Jeannette trusted her dad to the fullest she even went with him to the bar and this random guy wanted to have a sexual intercourse with her whom he never did, but her father was careless to protect his children. Her father made life more challenge for her which never pulls her down but really improves her in away.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Trust of Jeannette to Her father.

Jeanette Walls was never disappointed in her dad Rex and she trusted her father and thought he always been a remodel to her. I would say he sort of let her down when he took the sock from her that Rose Mary the mother of Jeannette give her to save it after she had it for little bit. Rex started to notice that Jeannette was hiding the sock and he slapped Rose for hiding it from him that was kind of him letting her down. Although he was following Rose everywhere thinking she will do ATM or get money out of the bank and claim that he will save it for the future then spend it in using alcohols and etc. He also gives her a hope of building a Glass Castle which was illusions and not true but she still believe in him. I think he did let her down but she never realize it in a sense because she trusts he so much and no matter how her father is bad she sees him as the best father!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Humors Reading Experiment

In this experiment I recorded myself first I set up the timer on my phone then slightly stared to read, then as I was reading I had some difficulty’s like stopping in certain parts of word that I did not know before therefore I was doing underlining on my way. Second I had to use some symbols like in page 158 where she talks about how she woke up got ready and stared to paint the house I drew like a little brush and write next to it a Y, H that stands for Yellow House. That took me like 20 seconds. Third I had little distractions from my elder sister because she was asking me a permission to use my phone then that waste like 1 munities the later on she come with long rod and reel fishing tool and was acting like she is fishing which was making me laugh so hard. Because she never saw me timing myself reading so she decided to distract me so I do not concentrate. Finally I was finished with reading the three pages of the experiment and it was 0: 14:54 almost 15 minutes overall!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Rex Walls-Style.

The interesting dad, Rex Wall is a great dad for his two daughters and boy. He has the most exciting character in the book The Glass Castle. I just love how he takes risk on anything he faces its so amusing reading about this specific character. As I was reading p.g. 14where he gets his daughter from the hospital, he just jump in and basically grabbed her and he said “You just trust your old man”. From that point on I learn this character cared lot for his daughter Jeannette Walls not to be more injured and have scars from the burns because the doctor was wrapped and adding bandage on the wound place in her body so he was scarred for her. That’s way I think he is superman because he takes rick and save people including his own child. Rex is a dreamer he decided to build a Glass Castle which is unreal but not impossible either if you are a big dreamer. He even had the start in the book page 25 “H carried around the blueprints for Glass Castle wherever went, and sometimes he’d pull them out and let us work on the design for our rooms”. Rex Wall give his child the opportunity to look forward to hopes and dream big as you’re living life even though you cannot afford it financially.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fixing paper one!

I had lot of issues on punctuation, and capitalization. Especially, I use a comma to separate two adjectives when the word and can be inserted between them. For instance it says on paragraph one says “In American society people value money, and so their advertisers use this advisement to convince people that they getting chase freedom card will actually save you money.” Then I change it to In American society people value money, and so their advertisers use this advisement to convince people that they getting Chase freedom card will actually save you money. Another issue is I didn’t include the message, product, and the date that it been made or produced. For example on my draft it says” The first object that captured my eyes was the dollars shaped like a petal”. Then I had to fix it to make it more sensible, clear, and my topic to be strong I had to introduce the product am going to talk about in my paper. Therefore, the change was like this “When I first saw the spring 2011 magazine advertisements of Chase bank, the first object that captured my eyes was the dollars shaped like a petal. This sounds much better, because the readers will know what is the following paragraph going to be about. One of these comment you made on my paper was how i had lot of "Sentence structure" and you said "I know you’re quite a good writer, so I wonder if you were trying to make it sound more “college-like” and in the process, many sentences got so complex that they became incorrect." I understant I have so many incorrect sentence and I think I had these mistakes because I was actually trying to make it sound right then it turn out to be unclear sentences because too much longe incorrect sentences. Which i will hopefully work on in my revise paper.I am pretty think your comments had helped me lot to notice what I have written wrong and learn from it.

Thanks Alyssa