Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The significance of a glass castle for Jeannette!

The significant of a glass castle for Jeannette is that her imagination on the Glass Castle goes crashed and she heading New York but then her father comes up with this idea of blueprint to convince Jeannette to stay. Unfortunately Jeannette finally realizes that her father is selfish and looking for himself, and wants his children to remain with him. Jeannette says in page 238 that she will leave and her dad as she stared at the plans “ Dad”, I said, “you’ll never build the Glass Castle.” She said no matter if you build it or not I will be gone and it doesn’t matter. There is something that I realized her father mentioned this line which he mentioned in page 14 where he let her escape the hospital which was trust or have faith in your old man. At this moment she knew that her father was no good or not looking forward. She wanted that to be out of poverty and go finish school.

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  1. Great connections between different parts of the book--you're really showing good thought on these posts and in class discussions. 1/1