Sunday, May 8, 2011

Humors Reading Experiment

In this experiment I recorded myself first I set up the timer on my phone then slightly stared to read, then as I was reading I had some difficulty’s like stopping in certain parts of word that I did not know before therefore I was doing underlining on my way. Second I had to use some symbols like in page 158 where she talks about how she woke up got ready and stared to paint the house I drew like a little brush and write next to it a Y, H that stands for Yellow House. That took me like 20 seconds. Third I had little distractions from my elder sister because she was asking me a permission to use my phone then that waste like 1 munities the later on she come with long rod and reel fishing tool and was acting like she is fishing which was making me laugh so hard. Because she never saw me timing myself reading so she decided to distract me so I do not concentrate. Finally I was finished with reading the three pages of the experiment and it was 0: 14:54 almost 15 minutes overall!


  1. Good explanation. 1/1

    Sometimes it's a good idea to read something as quickly as possible and just underline the words you don't understand. That will help you to get the "big picture" and then you can go back and fill in the details more easily.