Monday, May 23, 2011

Tighten Wordy Sentences

Tighten wordy sentence are not needed because they are not nice and unite pretty much is not good to make words clear. Like for example my teacher required that I need to write my paper in 4-5 limits of pages because she needs an evidence, explanation opinion conclusion and details. The paper length depends on the subject you writing about for example if you writing about senicse its okay if you use wordy form. For writing it’s good not to over redundancies because it over recite your general writing because it makes the reader confused and give a hard time understanding like for example needless complex structures it gives away some away information that isn’t need. For the people like me who speaks three language it’s hard for them to to write something clears possible because we over write things to make it clear. For instance you might see something like this in my paper “I do whatever takes to make my mom happy but my mom never gets happy.” It short form “ I do whatever takes to make mom happy but she never happy.” I think that sound little sentence because it not good to use long sentence when you can make it short and clear. Instead of using because of that fact you could replace it with “Because” and that we be short and mush easer. Inflated phrases is not necessary in some points because they are not needed in writing.

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  1. You have some wordy sentences that makes this a little confusing, but you use some good evidence. ;o)