Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fixing paper one!

I had lot of issues on punctuation, and capitalization. Especially, I use a comma to separate two adjectives when the word and can be inserted between them. For instance it says on paragraph one says “In American society people value money, and so their advertisers use this advisement to convince people that they getting chase freedom card will actually save you money.” Then I change it to In American society people value money, and so their advertisers use this advisement to convince people that they getting Chase freedom card will actually save you money. Another issue is I didn’t include the message, product, and the date that it been made or produced. For example on my draft it says” The first object that captured my eyes was the dollars shaped like a petal”. Then I had to fix it to make it more sensible, clear, and my topic to be strong I had to introduce the product am going to talk about in my paper. Therefore, the change was like this “When I first saw the spring 2011 magazine advertisements of Chase bank, the first object that captured my eyes was the dollars shaped like a petal. This sounds much better, because the readers will know what is the following paragraph going to be about. One of these comment you made on my paper was how i had lot of "Sentence structure" and you said "I know you’re quite a good writer, so I wonder if you were trying to make it sound more “college-like” and in the process, many sentences got so complex that they became incorrect." I understant I have so many incorrect sentence and I think I had these mistakes because I was actually trying to make it sound right then it turn out to be unclear sentences because too much longe incorrect sentences. Which i will hopefully work on in my revise paper.I am pretty think your comments had helped me lot to notice what I have written wrong and learn from it.

Thanks Alyssa

Monday, April 25, 2011


Naysayers' means negative urge about what other may say about you, it basically means the negative side you be on or against. is very strong critic objection which you will support with your idea. Definitely means that argument is more making senses and the readers will be able to understand your argument Naysayers make your paper make your writing intersting enough for the readers. Naysayer means a negative response to an object. When the writer something negative and reader.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blog 5 What is Quation Orphan?

Quotation is when you get quotation from somwhere, and include it in your writing. Write your own words to example it more, and tell the reason that quotation reader!

Enjoying the must!

I think the topic that I can talk about hours and even enjoying talking about is school. I was in school in a past 14 years. I took much class that I can remember their names in those 14 years. I met many teachers and many students that have a different background, and matter fact I been 3 different countries and all of them I went their schools. So in this topic I have many things to say and I really can talk about it hours and hours. Especially telling my friends at school how they are and which ones are close to me, who gets good great in my classes.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Summary of Custom Made!

In the article Custom Made written by Tara Parker- Pope. In this article it been mentioned that the Domino’s Pizza Inc. delivery man and I the preparation is like. They compared between countries what was different about it like in Kuwait how they delivered to waiting limousine than to someone’s front door. Must people think it’s dilemma we all live because we do not prefer what other counties do prefer, and it is because we need to tailor the system to each and every country. Like for instance, we have to have our very own flavor appealing to our culture. As I was far for what captured my eyes was the significant argument is that the marketing are agree and at same time disagree. It is more like a competition, on what country can adapt the best flavor combination for international consumers which cannot be informal or easy. Some of us prefer vegetables to their pizza some like add greens and for example we have the vice president Stephen Moss who strategy to develop Green Giant, and courage greens. But she said unfortunately people do not welcome frozen vegetables, although vegetables took huge part I of the Asian diet. To conclude this, in Japan consumers been very watchful of their adaption with other cultures and so do other countries they are very strict and strongly believe they should have their right options.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

“They ______ say, I say ______” p.g. 1-14

The book just had been introduced us about what is a conversation. Conversation is two sided argument in writing. It could be agree or disagree. The writer most include the agree side, and disagree side which means it is not isolated individual. It goes far beyond with other’s argument and the writer has to be considered. Writing is like conversation because you comparing your own idea to other people’s and from there you have to have evidence to your claim then you need to use some argument from there. Like in the book I saw a confusing parts because it didn’t had lot of information and didn’t had support such as “They say” in figure 1 than figure 2 which made so much sentence and was very eloquent about Martin Luther King Jr.” letter from Birmingham jail (Gerald Graff, Pg4-5). This book made us learn how to be critical thinker manages our concept of thinking how people interact with our writing.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

IPhone Sucks

I bought an iphone like couple months ago. Since I saw it on the TV commercials, and the way they distribute just fascinated me. Thinking about carrying an iphone just blow me away, and made me crave it. However it turns out the total opposite, and it sucks because I cannot stay in the line with my boyfriend for like an hours, and cuts off. It really irritates me a lots, when my phone does that, and hopefully am trying to get rid of it as soon as I can. Well basically what made me enthusiastic about getting my new phone was my brother. He told me it was impossible to get it for me, and I had my friends who also had iphone they kind of sugar code it to me. What they said about iphones was not true at all, it was more like advertising me to go get it. When I got it was like boom. I have it for little while now, and it gets off itself, and go shutdown. Therefore I hate iphones now and so did my boyfriend we all think it sucks :(