Wednesday, April 6, 2011

“They ______ say, I say ______” p.g. 1-14

The book just had been introduced us about what is a conversation. Conversation is two sided argument in writing. It could be agree or disagree. The writer most include the agree side, and disagree side which means it is not isolated individual. It goes far beyond with other’s argument and the writer has to be considered. Writing is like conversation because you comparing your own idea to other people’s and from there you have to have evidence to your claim then you need to use some argument from there. Like in the book I saw a confusing parts because it didn’t had lot of information and didn’t had support such as “They say” in figure 1 than figure 2 which made so much sentence and was very eloquent about Martin Luther King Jr.” letter from Birmingham jail (Gerald Graff, Pg4-5). This book made us learn how to be critical thinker manages our concept of thinking how people interact with our writing.

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  1. Nice work! This shows thoughtfulness and an understanding of the assigned reading. 1/1