Sunday, April 3, 2011

IPhone Sucks

I bought an iphone like couple months ago. Since I saw it on the TV commercials, and the way they distribute just fascinated me. Thinking about carrying an iphone just blow me away, and made me crave it. However it turns out the total opposite, and it sucks because I cannot stay in the line with my boyfriend for like an hours, and cuts off. It really irritates me a lots, when my phone does that, and hopefully am trying to get rid of it as soon as I can. Well basically what made me enthusiastic about getting my new phone was my brother. He told me it was impossible to get it for me, and I had my friends who also had iphone they kind of sugar code it to me. What they said about iphones was not true at all, it was more like advertising me to go get it. When I got it was like boom. I have it for little while now, and it gets off itself, and go shutdown. Therefore I hate iphones now and so did my boyfriend we all think it sucks :(

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  1. Hi, Zamzam. You did a great job of connecting the blog prompt with what we're learning in class. However, you might focus a little more on the specific questions of the prompt--be specific about what people said about the iPhone that convinced you to buy it. What was a lie?

    (The part about you hating it is interesting, but don't let it take over the main point of the prompt!)

    Nice work. .87/1