Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Image and Analyzing!

The relationship between looking at image and analyzing it I would say they are similar because you observing an idea or a concept of argument. In order to agree with the image you have to analyze it and examine the image in your mind. For example first thing you concentrate when it comes to image is the left hand, layout, message behind it, and the purpose which I think is very important. Basically you analyze it in your head, and examine the message behind it. Analyzing is studying the object‘s indication at the same time picture it in your mind which is typical. Which would I prefer I think I would totally prefer image because is easy to observe, and pretty much easy to figure out the interest of the image.

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  1. Zamzam: You're getting the right idea. Looking is the FIRST STAGE of analyzing. After just seeing what it is, then we go into breaking the image into smaller sections or parts, as you mentioned--that's analyzing. Grade: .85/1