Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Summary of Custom Made!

In the article Custom Made written by Tara Parker- Pope. In this article it been mentioned that the Domino’s Pizza Inc. delivery man and I the preparation is like. They compared between countries what was different about it like in Kuwait how they delivered to waiting limousine than to someone’s front door. Must people think it’s dilemma we all live because we do not prefer what other counties do prefer, and it is because we need to tailor the system to each and every country. Like for instance, we have to have our very own flavor appealing to our culture. As I was far for what captured my eyes was the significant argument is that the marketing are agree and at same time disagree. It is more like a competition, on what country can adapt the best flavor combination for international consumers which cannot be informal or easy. Some of us prefer vegetables to their pizza some like add greens and for example we have the vice president Stephen Moss who strategy to develop Green Giant, and courage greens. But she said unfortunately people do not welcome frozen vegetables, although vegetables took huge part I of the Asian diet. To conclude this, in Japan consumers been very watchful of their adaption with other cultures and so do other countries they are very strict and strongly believe they should have their right options.

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